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If you are being treated in our clinic by one of our Physiotherapists you might be referred into our Aquatherapy program as part of your treatment plan. Aquatherapy is effective for treating many conditions including arthritis, fibromyalgia and joint replacement recovery.

The water is a soothing and supportive environment to help the body heal, gain strength and manage pain. Your instructor will work with you one-on-one to teach you specific exercises that are complementary to your clinic-based treatment. Your physiotherapist will supervise your program and your progression, as you will be actively attending the clinic at the same time.

Aquatherapy takes place in the pool at the Canada Summit Centre, not far from our clinic in Huntsville. This program is limited to existing clients of ProActive Rehab.

The Benefits of Aquatherapy

  • Immersion in water reduces gravitational forces acting on the body, reducing stress on load-bearing joints and tissues.
  • Because of the nature of water, aquatic resistance is felt in the direction of the movement. Therefore, all ranges and planes of movement can be challenged and trained as desired.
  • Arcing, curved and multi-planar movements done in daily living and sports are easily imitated and strengthened in the water.
  • Not only is the slow movement of the water beneficial to your physical health, it can also work wonders for neurological retraining as your brain has more time to process the required actions. Water is soothing, providing calming sensory input, assisting people to relax.
  • Muscle guarding, stiffness and tremor are usually decreased, permitting people to move better and more comfortably.

Whether you have an injury you are trying to overcome or you simply want to gain strength, aquatherapy could be a great place to start!

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