Welcome to our New Home!

Welcome to our New Home! 

As you, most likely, know by now, ProActive Rehab has recently undertaken a BIG move! As of November 30, 2023, you will now find us at 34 Cairns Cres in the south-west end of Huntsville.   It was a big undertaking, but we did it and have been settling in quite nicely ever since.  As it is now January and we are all beginning a new year, I am excited to formally welcome you all to our new, and permanent home!   

We are not new to this moving process as this is actually our third move.  Our first was way back in 2001, exactly at this time of year, in fact – Nov 30!  At that time we went from Muskoka Rd 3 N to Main St E.  We also took the opportunity to re-brand and became officially known as ProActive Rehab & Sport Injury Center.  Our second move was at the end of December 2015 and took us from Main St to Dairy Lane.  We  enjoyed and benefitted from that home and location for nearly 8 years.  Much has evolved and changed over those years and I am grateful for all who have been involved and helped make it all happen: clients, staff, landlords, suppliers, and supporters.  As much as the last years have brought growth and many other positive and exciting developments, stability in our premises was not to be one of them. And thus, we have arrived at our third, and final move!  I say final as I have now found myself in the much sought after position of being the owner of the building my business inhabits – this is the cherry on top! 

Being the building owner will, I am sure, have its challenges and inevitable frustrations but it has and will continue to allow much control over how the space is designed, set up, used and cared for.  I look forward to this part and hope it will pay off in the long run.   

To that end, I, once again, welcome you to our new, and permanent home!  If you have already been here, I do hope you like it and will enjoy watching it evolve over time.  If you have not yet darkened our door, please do – we would love to see you and show you where we are and what we have done!   

Finally, I would like to wish each of you a very happy New Year!  May 2024 bring you health, happiness, good fortune and adventure – and should the need arise, ProActive Rehab will be here for you to help make that happen! 



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