Physiotherapy and Telerehab

Telerehab and Physiotherapy 

By Stacey Van Schyndel 

Over these past few months, amid the COVID 19 crisis, our physiotherapists at ProActive Rehab have been able to continue helping our clients virtually using Telerehab. While governments imposed restrictions forced us to adapt quickly, we have come to realize the benefits of continuing to treat clients online while the country is opening back up again.

Our clinic is currently treating clients both in person and virtually and we expect that given the success of our virtual sessions, this pattern will likely continue once the COVID 19 crisis has finally passed.

We always tell our clients that 90% of what we do as physiotherapists is to teach people how to help themselves. While our manual therapy skills and the modalities we offer can play a roll in your recovery, it is the teaching of home exercises and helping to create lifestyle changes through pain and activity education that play the largest role. These are the tools that will help you create long-lasting changes that will help keep you pain-free and prevent future problems. And it is these tools that make physiotherapy very well suited to treating people virtually.

A virtual assessment still allows us to get your history, check the mobility of your joints and the length and strength of your muscles. Additionally, an online appointment offers the unique experience of the therapist being able to see you in your home or work environment. It allows us to pick up on things we maybe have missed otherwise. If safety or balance is a concern, we will have a friend or family member be present to ensure they are there to supervise your exercises. This second set of hands is also helpful as they can act as the ‘camera man’ moving the screen around so the therapist can view your movements from the best possible angle. Follow up appointments proceed similarly and we can review and progress your exercises as needed.

The added benefit of virtual treatments are that they allow us to proceed with your appointment if you are unable to leave your house for any reason. If the weather is bad, your kid is sick or your car breaks down – there is no need to delay your treatment by another week, we can see you anyways. For all of these reasons, our therapists will continue forward with a blend of in-person and virtual treatments allowing us to find the right method of treatment that works best for you and your situation.

For more information on what type of appointments work best for you please give us a call at 705-788-1480 or visit us at ProActive Rehab.

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