Is Exercise Really Medicine


By Leslie Tempest PT,B.Sc.PT,MCPA

A resounding YES is the answer! Most of us would love to know of the "silver bullet", the magic wand that would cure all that ails us but alas such a tool (or pill) does not exist. However, if there is one thing that is pretty close it is exercise! If you just think about any one of the many chronic, life-changing or even life- threatening illness and diseases out there, exercise will be included in the list of remedies, management and prevention tools. Daily movement/exercise is that powerful. Every system in our body is positively affected by moving, exerting, stressing, straining and regular application of these things keeps those systems strong, healthy and robust. We at Proactive Rehab are passionate about movement and exercise. In fact, physiotherapists are movement specialists. We use movement and exercise of various sorts each and every day to help us address every issue that we see. Indeed, not all exercises are equal and not every exercise is suitable for every person without customization but some movement of some sort IS suitable, and in fact required, for all people of all ages and conditions. It just needs to be correctly prescribed and titrated to maximize its therapeutic effect. So, yes, exercise IS medicine: prevention AND cure. If you are hungry, you should eat. If you are in pain, you should move.

Happy moving everyone and if you need help, give us a call!

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