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Orthotics and Rehab products

 Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom foot orthotics are a custom made insole that inserts directly into your shoe.  They provide arch support and foot control to help alleviate the source of many causes of pain.  Our feet are at the bottom of our lower extremity kinetic chain and as such play a great role in the biomechanics of function.  If they go wrong, they can negatiely influence the function of the entire lower extremity up to and including the lower back.  Custom Foot Orthotics are designed just for you, enabling your feet to be correctly positioned and supported and therefore correcting these biomechanical faults.


Rehab Products

At ProActive Rehab we keep in stock many common items that aide in rehabilitation.  Our suppliers are reliable and are able to get different items or sizes to our clinic in one week or less, often only a couple of days.  Examples of the items we carry are:

  • McKenzie Lumbar rolls and Embrace Air postural suports
  • Thera-P-Support Cervical pillows
  • Aquatherapy Equipment
  • Trainer's Choice and Corflex wrist, elbow, knee and ankle braces.
  • Resistance tubing, handy putty, exercise balls
  • Kinesio tape, Leukotape, Hypafix, athletic tape
  • Icepacks and wraps, Biofreeze
  • Acupads, Acuball
  • The Stick
  • Foam Rollers
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