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The fork in the road: Overcoming chronic pain through hard work and education. Terry Exell is no stranger to pain. You’d never know it, but Terry, a tall man with a friendly face and a bright smile, has lived for over 40 years with chronic pain caused by a neck injury he sustained at work. And then, in September of last year, he was involved in a train accident that left him with debilitating sciatic pain, as well as damage to his neck, back and knees. For Terry, an active outdoorsman wh...
Posted on 2019-02-15
IS EXERCISE REALLY MEDICINE? By Leslie Tempest PT,B.Sc.PT,MCPA A resounding YES is the answer! Most of us would love to know of the "silver bullet", the magic wand that would cure all that ails us but alas such a tool (or pill) does not exist. However, if there is one thing that is pretty close it is exercise! If you just think about any one of the many chronic, life-changing or even life- threatening illness and diseases out there, exercise will be included in the list of remedies, ...
Posted on 2019-01-25
ARE FALLS PREVENTABLE? By Sarah Cumming, Exercise Tharpist Yes they are! Falls are extremley common, particularly during this cold Muskoka season, as many of our roads and pathways have become covered with ice. On average, 1 in 3 older adults fall each year and that is the leading cause of hospitalization for this population. READ MORE
Posted on 2018-12-18
Massage Therapy Just for Relaxation By Sarah Tyler RMT Q: Is massage therapy just for relaxation?  Do I need a referral for massage theapy even if I don't have an injury? A: Even though massage therapy can greatly improve your relaxation, there are many other benefits to the body.  Relaxation in and of itself has very good benefits to your body, not just for your mental health, it can also help your recovery from injury, improve your sleep quality, and improve your immune response. ...
Posted on 2018-11-27
Parents: 5 ways to be proactive about concussions this hockey season. In recent years, there has been a significant shift in the hockey community’s approach to concussions—no longer is it seen as a simple case of “having your bell rung”. Today, hockey players, coaching staff, professionals and parents recognize the importance of preventing, identifying and managing concussion injuries. Some steps have been taken at the league level to address the issue, like instituting...
Posted on 2018-10-23
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