Brain Injury Survivor Support Group

This FREE drop-in support group is open to anyone who has experienced a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or severe concussion. The group meets twice per month at ProActive Rehab’s clinic. You do NOT need to be a ProActive client to attend. 


October—April: first and third Wednesday of the month, 3:30 pm
May—September: first and third Monday of the month, 7:00 pm


ProActive Rehab, 2–23 Dairy Lane, Huntsville


Led by ProActive’s manual osteopathic practitioner Emily Southby, herself a TBI survivor, the group provides information, peer support and social connection. 

When Emily experienced a traumatic brain injury in 2015 that left her with debilitating symptoms, she joined a support group in Waterloo that helped her deal with the impact it had on her daily life. “I think being part of a group with others who have also experienced a TBI can be extremely beneficial,” she says. “It can be a very difficult, isolating experience to go through, and having the support of others who understand what you’re dealing with is really important.” 

The Huntsville group has been meeting since the summer of 2019, and they are hoping to reach out to others in the community who are struggling. “If a head injury has disrupted your life, left you with difficult symptoms, caused you to lose your ability to work, or made you feel isolated, this group can help!” says Emily. “We talk about strategies to make dealing with the diagnosis of a TBI a little bit easier, and the social connections are valuable, too.”

For more information about the group, contact Emily at, or call the clinic at 705-788-1480. You can also find the group on Facebook

*ProActive Rehab does not receive clientele or monetary benefit for the use of meeting space*

Brain Injury Survivor Support Group Poster

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