Massage Therapy and Post Surgical Recovery

Massage Therapy and Post-Surgical Recovery

At ProActive Rehab we see many patients for post-surgical recovery; Whether it is a hip replacement, meniscus repair, rotator cuff surgery etc. The individual surgery for a patient may have been successful and may recover quite quickly after surgery, but many experience chronic pain for weeks, months or even years. Post-operative pain can affect many things such as sleep, mood and/or physical or mental health. Massage Therapy can be a great option to help relieve or manage post surgical pain.

Massage Therapy has been found to help reduce the frequency and intensity of pain post-surgery. As well, it has been known to help increase mobility and helps introduce physical touch to patients whose pain perceptions have become sensitized after surgery.

Some post-surgical patients experience anxiety and stress leading up to and following the procedure. Massage Therapy can help encourage the patient to relax which can reduce pain and stress following hospitalization

Following surgeries such as hip replacements, patients often experience stiffness resulting in decreased range of motion. Massage Therapy can help decrease that stiffness and help restore mobility.

Even if the surgery itself has good outcomes, there are a lot of challenges that commonly appear after a surgical intervention. Massage Therapy is a rehabilitative treatment that can help individuals with the journey of rehabilitation; supporting and facilitating a return to a normal life after their surgical procedure.

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