Did you know that Manual Osteopathy can help you sleep?

by Emily Southby, Manual Osteopath 

I was recently watching a TV show called Awake. In this show, contestants are kept awake for 24 hours and are then asked to compete with various mental and physical tasks. Throughout the show, you are told how an average well-rested individual does in comparison to how the contestants are doing. After staying awake for 24 hours contestants’ decision making, fine and gross motor skills, and concentration are greatly impacted. Even though this is an extreme case of reduced sleep many of us are guilty of not getting enough sleep day to day.

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) recommends 7-9 hours of sleep for the average adult while maintaining that each individual has their own specific needs and requirements based on genetics, lifestyle, and health factors. Waking up in the morning should occur spontaneously and you should awaken feeling well-rested with the energy you need to complete daily activities. The amount of sleep we get is directly related to how we feel, look and how we perform throughout the day.

Despite knowing that the amount of time we sleep is important it is also important that you are getting the right kind of sleep. It is essential that you have uninterrupted sleep where your body is able to complete all the phases of healing and restoration it needs every night. The NSF states that good sleep occurs after we are able to fall asleep in 30 minutes or less and wake up no more than once during the night, during which time you are awake for 20 minutes or less.

Sleep is important for numerous reasons; it not only gives us the energy to complete activities as seen in Awake but also helps avoid accidents and sickness while, at the same time, working to maintain health and wellness.

During sleep, your body undergoes numerous phases that work to repair our body from daily activities, regulate hormonal release, and consolidate memories. If you aren’t sleeping enough try giving yourself more time to sleep and rejuvenate yourself. The NSF outlines numerous practices we can complete to help us sleep better including daily exercise, a relaxing bedtime routine, and following a sleep schedule.

How has your sleep been? If you feel your sleep is suffering and would like some help, Manual Osteopathy assessment and treatment has been shown to help improve sleep. To book an assessment or appointment call us at 705-788-1480 or email info@proactiverehab.com 

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