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Q: Recently I have been waking up with a stiff neck that goes away throughout the day. I was wondering if it could be related to my pillow because I have trouble getting comfortable at night and I am balling my pillow under the neck for support. Is there advice you can give to help me sleep better and help my stiff neck? A: It could be because of your pillow if you find it hard to get comfortable. If your pillow is older, it may have lost some structure and support so this may be a case of repl...
Posted on 2021-08-25
ProActive rehab came into being on November 30, 2001. As the proud, homegrown physiotherapist owner of this local industry-leading physical rehab center, I am excited to realize that we have been helping the residents, both permanent and seasonal, of Muskoka and the Near North get back to living for nearly 20 years! Ove this time so many things have influenced who we are today: the many and varied individuals who have made up my team along the way; the now too-numerous-to-count clients that hav...
Posted on 2021-07-26
Physiotherapy for Swimmers With the early start to our Summer and these intense hot sunny days, swimmers in Muskoka have been able to hit the water earlier than ever.Share on facebookShare on googleShare on twitterShare on linkedin Our physiotherapists at ProActive Rehab are here to help you properly prepare for the upcoming outdoor swim season.  If you are looking for injury prevention tips, tricks and exercises or if you need help recovering from an injury so that you can get back in th...
Posted on 2021-06-30
What Can I Do With A Sore Back? I have been working from home since March last year and my neck and back are sore from sitting at the computer at my kitchen table. What can I do about this? It is important to try to have good ergonomics when sitting at a computer for periods of time. It is also important that you schedule breaks to allow you to get up from the computer and move around. This wakes up your postural muscles, moves the fluid around that lubricates your joints and allows you to str...
Posted on 2021-05-28
Are Diets Outdated? A New Perspective on Nutrition and Health Written By: Joline Beauregard RD The society that we live in has created the script that we need to be thinner, earn our food, work off our calories, cut carbs, and detox regularly. ‘Fat’ has become the worst “F” word, and there is a multi-billion dollar industry that profits from your continued investment in this belief. The goal then becomes losing weight, rather than being healthier, supporting our body,...
Posted on 2021-03-24
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