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New Patients

You have arrived at ProActive Rehab and we are on the lower level of 23 Dairy Lane.  Entrance doors face the river.

  • As you enter the clinic you will be warmly greeted by our reception staff.
  • There are several forms to be completed to best inform your treatment team.  There is also a survey to complete about the problem that has brought you to seek treatment with us.  This computer based questionnaire called FOTO will be emailed to you initially to complete or can be completed at the clinic at time of assessment.
  • There is a change room available if you need to change into proper attire (ie shorts for a knee assessment).
  • Your therapist will come out to the reception area to meet you and bring you to a private assessment/treatment room
  • You will have an opportunity to explain how your problem and how it is affectiing your life as the therapist takes a detailed history.
  • A detailed and comphrenesive physical examination will take place to determine the cause of the problem, and to identify needed treatment and/or further investigations that may be required.
  • With your consent we will begin treatment immediately, and educate you regarding specific steps to take in order to begin making a difference right away.
  • You will be fully informed throughout the entire treatment process as you are the centre of your own recovery.  "empower clients thru education so they can maintain optimum health"



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