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Q: Do you need to have an injury or a referal from physiotherapy to have a massage at ProActive Rehab? A: Not at all!  Although one of the provided services at ProActive Rehab is physiotheapy, that does not mean you must be injured, or having physiotherapy, to have massage here as well.  Massage therapy can definitely help with your recovery from injury but it is also a great addition to your overall wellness plan and as a preventative measure against injury by keeping your muscles lo...
Posted on 2018-05-17
We at ProActive Rehab have been doing a lot of learning lately on some newer understandings of pain science.  We are looking at all pain but particularly the science behind persistent pain.  Persistent pain, or pain of greater than 3 month’s duration, is a common aliment.   In fact, lower back pain in particular is the #1 cause of global disability!  By understanding pain better we know that we can help you and, indeed, you can help yourself more effectively. ...
Posted on 2017-09-11
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